Send SMS 💬 messages from your Google sheet.

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it works in 5 simple steps

Write and send sms in bulk via Twillio and more with Google Sheets

Step 1

Create twillio account

Epictextin App uses Twillio to send SMS, so first you need a twillio acount just open the site and sign up. check get-started guide for more

Step 2

Add Twillio

Now once we have an twillio account now it is time to add it to epictexting app.

Step 3

Add Contacts

Now depending on whom you want to send sms to add their contact details to the google sheet.

Step 4

Add Message

Before sending the message we need to create a template, template is a sms but it can simply be reused.

Step 5

Preview And Send SMS

Now Just open 'Epictexting App' inside the google sheet then select the account, the phone number will be auto populated.

Select the message template and click "Preview texts" and then "Send".

Send SMS from google sheet via Twillio and TextLocal, Simple and Most Affordable SMS marketing platform

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